Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig?


Tucker Carlson is an American conservative pundit and cable television talk show host born in 1969 in California. He studied communication at Freelance Institute University and began his media career, leading him to host a nightly political talk show on Fox news and perform many other programs. He became editor-in-chief, giving him control over all aspects of production, but he quit the website due to differences with the staff members. These achievements, however, are not as concerned as his hair could be to his fans and even many people around the world. He became famous for the following reasons;

  • his extreme positions on many political and social issues
  • his embrace of white culture and nationalism
  • his support for authoritarian leaders of other countries
  • his reliance on  misleading claims and baseless conspiracy theory

Wigs are artificial hair covering the whole head or most parts of the head-worn for style, attraction, or to disguise baldness. Hair wigs are the best for those with hair loss as it covers the entire head, thus giving one enough confidence to go about his day. They are great and extremely popular with people’s personalities, so one should not fear having them. There are different types of wigs like the lace front wig that features only in front of the hairline, the full lace wig that is made on a full lace cap, the synthetic wig that is preset on the hair, and the warp and weft that is normally used for braiding. In this article, we will focus mainly on Tucker Carlson.


Is Tucker Carlson bald?

 The question about Tucker Carlson’s hair has been debated over for a long time. Many instances show that tucker Carlson is bald; for instance, in an interview, he shocked spectators when he turned his hair on camera, showing that he had a LEGO hairpiece on his head. This happened because he did not know that the cameras were rolling at the time. Tucker Carlson’s hair isn’t even affected by aging, which leaves so many with questions that make us conclude that he wears a wig to hide his bald hair. Since his announcement, his supporters have praised his bravery, including President Donald Trump. They even suggest buying the LEGO hairpiece to build the American economy. Once as he was on a night show, he pulled out his hair showing the spectators that he has an m-shaped hairline which makes it evident that he is bald. On several occasions, when he was asked about his hair, he joked about one thing putting on a wig. All these scenarios show that Tucker Carlson is bald.


Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig?

Research has it that Tucker Carlson actually wears a wig. This is one thing that has stood and remained voluminous to most people worldwide. Once on his show, he pulled off his hair showing his m-shaped hairline to his audience. He might have probably done this since he did not want to get a hair transplant since its results may not be guaranteed. We also saw tucker Carlson showing his hair, not knowing that the cameras were on in an interview showing that he wears a wig on his head, which many of his fans saw as a LEGO wig. In another instance, He joked with Chris Matthews on his TV shows about wearing a human hair wig.

When Billy Bush of Extra TV asked him how he kept his hair luscious, thick, and un-gray, he said that he had a guy in Mumbai from whom he gets his real human hair. This makes us strongly believe, with no argument, that tucker Carlson indeed wears a wig to cover his head. It is also notifiable that tucker Carlson has had the same hairstyle over the years and was never affected by aging. We also see that he has a relatively busy life that would make him want to spend a little time styling his hair. Figuring out which type of wig Tucker Carlson wears made us focus on breathability, thickness, and Natural look.


Why does Tucker Carlson’s hair look natural?

Most people worldwide have debated the question about Tucker Carlson’s hair. This is because his hair looks like it’s growing naturally. His wig has been proven to be high-quality since it makes it hard to know whether it’s a real wig or hair growing from the scalp. This shows that Tucker Carlson does not want anyone to know he puts on a wig. Tucker Carlson’s hairpiece is made of a superfine mono base that gives it a flawless finish that gives him his voluminous hair. This gives the illusion that the hair is growing off its scalp.

Tucker Carlson switches his wig from light brown-dark blonde to dark, and he has maintained very thick hair. His hair has also been in different lengths; therefore, whether he wears a wig or has natural hair becomes unpredictable. He has managed to control his hair appearance without showing anything like fake hair.



We conclude that Tucker Carlson, the American television talk show host, actually wears a wig since he is bald, as shown on different occasions. In his interviews, he confirmed it, making it look more like a joke than an actual thing. He wears a great, expensive wig that looks natural, showing that he doesn’t want people to know that he wears the wig. The wig he wears can also be shaped into different styles due to its versatile nature and features LEGO style with a thick undetectable bed of hair. His hairline was also revealed in an instance when he pulled off his hair as an m-shaped. Therefore we can conclude that he wears a wig. 


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