A Complete Guide to Lightsticks

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What is a lightstick?

Kpop lightsticks are little gadgets used by fandoms to indicate their support for a particular group or star. While the size, form, and characteristics of each lightstick vary, most lightsticks include a handle (or stick) with a translucent bulb at the end. On the lightstick, there will be a graphic or logo that symbolizes the organization.

These gadgets are not only attractive, but they also enable fans to demonstrate their support for a band or town by wearing them. As a result, lightsticks have a deeper significance than merely their form.

History of the Lightstick

During the initial generation of Kpop, lightsticks were not utilized (throughout the 90s). Raincoats, balloons, and paper, on the other hand, became commonplace. These things would be color-coded according to the color scheme of the group or a certain idol. Fans might show their support, solidarity, and feeling of community by purchasing these goods.

This grew in size over time. Raincoats and balloons were fashionable in the 1990s, but the second generation of Kpop witnessed a shift. Colors have long been used to designate groups in Kpop, dating back to the first generation. However, how might this be further developed?

What is a lightstick made of?

It is possible to say that the lightstick’s forerunners were colored balloons, followed by silicone sticks with a bulb that could be stretched to wear on the hand.

Lightsticks were later made in a more contemporary and sophisticated manner as technology advanced. Hard plastic, glass, crystal, and other materials are increasingly routinely utilized, depending on the design of each lightstick. As a result, the price of each lightstick varies significantly.

From Where to Buy Official Lightstick?

Typically, fans will have to buy lightsticks through the management organizations’ own internet stores. Because the quantity of lightsticks available is restricted and the price is not cheap, purchasing these lightsticks is tough.

It’s not easy to locate websites that offer lightsticks on the internet. While there are a number of places where you can buy Kpop lightsticks, none of them seem to offer a comprehensive assortment, thus there is no one-stop-shop.

Kpopomo – This is your best choice if you’re searching for a website with a large selection of lightsticks. They sell lightsticks from over 30 different organizations, as well as a variety of sticks from various generations. They also provide a large selection of other Kpop merchandise, making it a convenient place to purchase lightsticks. Their major collection of lightsticks is Astro Lightstick Ro-Bong Version2.

On July 15, 2017, Astro debuted its first light stick. The overall color scheme is white with purple accents. Most importantly, there is a purple star spotlight at the top of the gadget that signifies the Astro group. Despite the fact that it’s just my opinion, I really like the color scheme of this lightstick!

The Ro-Bong from Astro, like Twice’s lightstick, can be turned into a moodlight. This may be done with the use of a dock that comes with the Ro-Bong. When you’re inside, the moodlight casts stars all over the room!

Ro-Bong’s 2nd generation was launched in mid-2020. This second-generation Astro lightstick or 2nd version lightstick is managed by a central control system, allowing concertgoers to coordinate their lightsticks. While several lightsticks have similar functions, when all of the lightsticks are synchronized, it’s simply amazing!

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