Top 5 Shawn Mendes facts; net worth, girlfriend, age, height, dating. 2022

If you have heard one of Shawn Mendes songs, you have to admit that he has an angelic voice. Not only can he sing but he also knows how to play guitar which he learned from watching YouTube Channels. Most of his fans are female’s, this can be explained by his love songs.

Current girlfriend, dating and relationship status

Shawn Mendes revealed during an interview recently that he is single. He also said that he is on the search for someone special.  Now that’s some hope for all those fans wishing to date him.

He is rich with $352,000 net worth

Mendes has an increasing number of fans. From being an ordinary teen, Shawn has accomplished what most people only dream about. In 2015 his net worth was $352,000 dollars. This net worth has increased to $10 million dollars. He is a rich young man with a humble personality. Looking at the way he leads his life, he maintains a low profile. If you do not know his net worth, you would probably think he is just a regular guy.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello dating rumor

Prior to the release of their duet ‘I know What You Did Last Summer’, there were speculations that the two were actually dating. When the song was first released, the internet was flooded with love branded pictures of the two. The news escalated when Shawn posted a video of them singing whole heartedly together while he played the guitar. I wouldn’t blame the fans because it is a soulful song. However, Camila Cabello addressed the rumors by rendering them negative.

Camila Cabello and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes dating his girlfriend Camila Cabello

Source: Teen Vogue

She explained that at the time they wrote the song together, she was at a bad place in her life. A guy she was interested in went behind her back and hit on her friend too. If you have heard the song, you can tell that it’s actually talking about two people who are trying to decide where their relationship is to go from there. Camila, later on, added that she and Shawn were only friends. Some people have observed that Camila is not into dating fellow artists. So for every wishful person, it’s a big disappoint because Camila Cabello and Mendes are most likely not to date.

Career and Achievements

Shawn Mendes began with regular vine posts. He would post 30 seconds videos of himself singing while playing a guitar. Shawn’s good voice made him famous and noticeable. It is this reason that Andrew Gertler from Island Records offered him a contract which he accepted. That same year 2013, Mendes began to prepare for his first single ‘Life of the Party’ which included songs like ‘Handwritten’ and ‘Stitches’. This album rose to top 10 Billboard 100 list in both the U.S.A and Canada. It sold up to 200,000 copies worldwide. The song ‘Treat you better’ from his second studio album ‘Illuminate’ became a number one hit in the UK. On August 2016, he released his second album ‘Mercy’.

Mendes has received a number of nominations and awards. In 2015 he received the Breakout Awards at the SOCAN awards in Toronto.

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