Is Former Pentatonix singer Avi Kaplan married to a wife? Or dating a girlfriend? 2022

Avriel Benjamin Kaplan is an American vocalist and famous as a popular Pentatonix group member. He is also a serious student of classical music. Additionally, he plays the guitar, is a composer, and arranges music for a cappella and choral. His fellow Pentatonix group members are; Kristin Maldonado, Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, and Kevin Olusola. In the Pentatonix, Avi was the bass vocalist.

Avi Kaplan in 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards 2017 with Pentatonix team

Caption: Avi Kaplan in 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards 2017 with Pentatonix team

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Married life and wife

The Pentatonix singer is neither married nor does he have a wife. He is not the guy that posts his love life secrets to his fans. Moreover, there are no records that he is married or has a wife. He is very secretive and prefers not to reveal his relationships on social networking sites. Avi, on his tweeter account, stated that;

“My heart is fullest when I’m with my family”

by this tweet, he didn’t refer that he is married or has a wife. He is very active on social media but doesn’t post much on whether he is married or has a wife.

Avi Kaplan Dating and Girlfriends

We all can’t deny that he has very charming looks. He probably has dated and had girlfriends in the past but has not shared with anyone. Nevertheless, in 2014 Avi Kaplan and his co-singer Kirstie Maldonado was rumored to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Their relationship did not last very long.

After they broke up, Kirstie Maldonado began dating Lewis. Avi moved on with his life and focused more on family and career. There were rumors that Aleen was his girlfriend of Avi, but they have not confirmed the affair. He likes to keep his fans guessing about whether he is dating or has a girlfriend. The two were spotted together in several places where the Pentatonix were performing. Avi Kaplan is single, but he may be dating or has a girlfriend and hasn’t shared with anyone.

Avi Kaplan with his rumored co-singer girlfriend Kirstie Maldonado

Caption: Avi Kaplan with his rumored co-singer girlfriend Kirstie Maldonado

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Why did Avi Kaplan leave Pentatonix?

One thing that will never be forgotten about the Pentatonix is their impressive vocals which are very impressive. The fans of Avi Kaplan did not expect him to move out from the band. There, however, were speculations that he’s leaving the band came up from the fact that he had come up with solo music. He stated the reason for leaving was the fast-paced nature of the band. He further claimed that it was a decision he struggled with for some time. He thanked his fans for their support and bid goodbye to his fellow bandmates.

Avi Kaplan goodbye tweets

Caption: Avi Kaplan’s goodbye tweets


Fans tweet for Avi Kaplan leaving Pentatonix

Caption: Fans reacting on Twitter to Avi Kaplan leaving Pentatonix

Short Bio.

Avriel Benjamin Kaplan was born in Visalia, California, on 17th April 1989, where he was also brought up. This makes him 30 years old presently. He has two siblings, a brother, and a sister. His sister later became the tour manager for Pentatonix. His love for folk songs led him to visit the Sequoia National Park, which was the motivation for his music. His earliest musical motivators are Simon and Garfunkel, John Denver, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Bill Withers.

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