Who is Comedian Daniel Tosh Wife? Is he married? 2022

So who is Famous Comedian Daniel Tosh’s Wife? is he really married? Many people have been trying to know about this comedian’s married life. There had been some rumors of him getting married to Ballerina wife. We have had hot gossip about his dating affairs with Megan Abrigo, but they didn’t get married, so Megan is not Daniel Tosh wife. Check out the details.

Daniel Tosh wife is a hot topic but he is single, He just broke up with Girlfriend Megan Abrigo.

The humorist Daniel Toss was once dating the hot girlfriend( just girlfriend not a wife) Megan Abrigo who is a model. They dated for close to 5 years and rumors were the two were planning to get married. Daniel and Megan met first at the end of February 2009. After meeting, the couple was seen countless times having a splendid time. The lovebirds were spotted in Gansevoort South hotel in Miami Beach.

A few years after they began dating, rumors of the relationship were all over the media.  The reason is that they are famous and who doesn’t like to spread juicy gossip of celebrities. Maybe Daniel was planning to marry Megan soon. He once confessed that Megan meant everything to him and would never give up on her.

Everything did not go as planned as they broke and in 2014, the adorable couple broke up before Megan could be Daniel Tosh’s wife. The reason behind the sad full breakup was Daniel making weird jokes about Megan in front of his viewers. This really irritated Megan and hurt herself respect. There are no records of Daniel’s relationship before he began dating Megan Abrigo.

Daniel Tosh seen with his girlfriend Megan Abrigo

Caption: Daniel Tosh was seen with his girlfriend Megan Abrigo

Daniel dating and married rumor with wife Ballerina.

After his last breakup with the gorgeous model Megan Abrigo, Daniel did not show interest to other women. Perhaps the split up between them really hurt him and he avoided any relationship. Nevertheless, he once tweeted that getting married to a ballerina made every day a little more beautiful.

This tweet confused many and others thought that he was married to ballerina wife. A video by Alpha Life in YouTube clearly indicated that Daniel was neither married nor had children. This was obviously another joke he cracked on his Tweeter account.


He explains he isn’t gay.

Daniel in many occasions claimed to suffer from social anxiety. Perhaps it’s because of the rumors revolving around him that he was gay. There was a time when Daniel was talking about gays in the headlines. He stated that he was neither gay nor married. He firmly added that he does not even believe in marriage institution as it’s currently practiced in today’s culture. Moreover, he claimed that consenting adults should be able to engage into whatever they wish.

Dating any girlfriend in the present?

The comic Daniel Tosh is dating a woman named Carly Hallam. The two have been in a relationship since 2006.

Short Bio:

Daniel Dwight Tosh was born in Boppard, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany on 29th May 1975. He was brought up in Titusville, Florida. The father is a Presbyterian minister. Tosh attended the University of Central Florida after his graduation from Astronaut High School in 1993. He graduated with a degree in marketing. Daniel Tosh worked for the first time as a telemarketer at Central Florida Research Park.

He is an American comedian, television host, executive producer and writer. He is popularly known for his intentionally offensive and controversial style of black comedy. Daniel is also the host of the Comedy Central television show “Tosh.O” and a star of t of the “Stand-up comedy” tours and specials.

Daniel Tosh host of the Comedy Central television show "Tosh.O"

Caption: Daniel Tosh host of the Comedy Central television show “Tosh.O”

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