Sex Toys For Men!

fleshlightThis one’s for the boys out there, I’ll let you in on a little secrete. Sex toys for men are not just all about women! There are toys out there for boys. I’m not just talking things to help you keep an erecting. I’m talking about toys that stimulate the penis and the prostate.  a study showed that only 44% of Heterosexual males use sex toys and 64% of gay or other males have. This is due to the stigma around male sex toys. Your personal pleasure dose not define your sexuality. Only you can do that. There is nothing wrong with adding a sex toy into your masturbation. While yes, we all know we can use your hand but there is a difference. It’s like the difference between manual tools and power tools. While manual tools can do the same job, power tools get the job done a lot better than most manual tools. Some male toys can even help you last longer in the bedroom. Men disserve pleasure as well. Toys just make it more fun

Now before we talk about what kind of toys are out there let’s talk about hygiene and lube. This is really important for men because the right kind of lube can make a world of difference. As the male penis doesn’t have its own self-lubricating system. I’ve heard a lot of guys say they just use spit. That’s just unhygienic. A thick Jelle-like water-based lube is the one I always suggest for men. It being quite thick means it lasts a lot longer. Now cleaning the toy is also super important. Not just as a way to not be gross but as a way to keep the toy alive longer! When you clean and store the toy in the proper way. It stops the silicone from breaking down or getting moldy. Nobody wants that. When cleaning the toy make sure to always use a body safe soap or sex toy cleaner. This will prevent any skin irritation. Nobody wants that in there down stairs area. This also helps to keep the toy alive a lot longer. As the seaman will destroy this quality of the silicone if you just leave it there. When drying the toy. This is just as important. Make sure to use a clean dry cloth. A lot of people use paper towel. This would work great if it didn’t leave little bits of paper towel all though the toy. That stuff is a pain to get out of toys and off surfaces. Like all toys when you are done drying it with cloth or towel. Rember too leaves it to air dry as well. This will help with the moisture that the cloth or towel just couldn’t get. Finally. Before putting toy back in the draw or box where ever you store your toy. Get some fresh powder to keep moister from building inside the toy. If you don’t have any of that some corn flower will do as well! This will keep toy super soft and alive for a lot longer.

Now we got past the most important part of owning a toy. Let’s talk about the different types. The main types are known as

Pocket pussies: silicone sleave like toys normally with a vagina on the end, they typically come with ribbed on the inside to feel as close to a vagina as possible. this has a closed end to feel as close to a vagina as possible.

Sleaves: these are toys are opened ended tubes of silicone come with ribs and bumps to add extra stimulation for more fun. The open end makes clean up easier

Fleshlights: this is more than just a brand; this is a type of male toy. They typically have a solid outside and a soft silicone center. The hard shell actually adds extra stimulation. It helps creates a suction-type stimulation.

Male vibrators: these come in all shapes and sizes. They can target the tip or even the whole penis with powerful vibrations. Some even come hands free. So, no effort at all! Some even stimulate the balls instead of the penis.

Male sex machines: also known as automatic male masturbaters. some machines move back and forth, doing all the work for you! Others have auto beads in them that swirl around your penis as you move back and forth!

Prostate toys: the p spot is like the g-spot for men these toys are made to directly stimulate the prostate, some vibrate, some tap, some rotate and others just put pressure on the prostate helping increase orgasm intensity.

Now while these toys add extra stimulation to your personal time and feel amazing. There are even ways to take it even further! Here are just 4 tips to add some more fun to your sex life.

  1. Try different positions: if you been masturbating in the same position for all your life. Try it in it a different position. Try standing, kneeling or even thrusting your own hips into the air. Mix it up. You might like it more than you think
  2. Play with grip and speed: why have the same thing every time. Mix it up try softer grip or even slower strokes. It’s not always about the orgasm. Even try putting on a condom to add some more texture
  3. Try edging: no better way to have an explosive orgasm then edging. Before you reach orgasm, take a break. Let it soften up a little. Then start masturbating again. Repeat these 3 to 4 times and you’ll find the orgasm to be more intense!
  4. Add a partner: toys both male and female are not always meant to be used alone. Our partner likes to pleasure us to. So bust out your toy and let them use it on you! Not only will it be more fun for you. But your partner will have fun giving you pleasure

Rember to always mix it up when it comes to even your personal time. Always to keep it interesting and explore because that’s the best way to grow and learn what you enjoy.

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