Julie Clarke: Everything you need to know about David Clarke’s wife

Julie Campshure was born in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA and was raised in Green Bay which is also her hometown. She attended the Ashwaubenon High School and later on graduated from the University of Wisconsin. She has been an adorable white lady with blonde hairs, working as a real estate agent, something you won’t defiantly find every day! She earned her license in 1997 and followed in her sister’s footstep, who was an experienced estate agent.

Married life with husband David Clarke.

Julie Clarke was married to David Clarke who is a serving sheriff of the Milwaukee County, assuming the office in 2002 and being elected every four years since then on.

Julie Clark with her husband David Clarke who is wearing a white hate

Caption: David Clarke and his wife Julie Clarke

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David was also born in Milwaukee and David’s father was a Korean War veteran. David is a strong supporter of Donald Trump and during his presidential elections campaign, claimed that He will do everything he can to make sure Trump wins the election. Although very little is known about their personal life together, what we do know for sure is that the couple is doing great.

Julie Clarke and David built a home in urban Milwaukee together, paying around $27,500 for a 30,495 square foot plot on the outskirts of the city back then, and building a house which is worth more than $270,000.

David Clarke was seen happy with his wife Julie Clarke and Brad Courtney (Middle)

Caption: Julie Clarke (Left) and her husband David Clarke (right) with Brad Courtney

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Julie Clarke would sometimes appear at her husband’s side during public appearances, the latest one being the law enforcement memorial ceremony, and the couple seems to be going off pretty well. Although they don’t have any children, the couple is more than happy with it.

Despite the fact that Julie has created a low profile in public view, her husband has always been a controversial personality in the public eye. There have been no reliable sources as to when the couple got married and when they met but for now, what we do know are that the couple is a happy family within themselves!


Julie and David don’t have any children but this has never created a rift in Clarke’s relation and we hope nothing ever does and we wish them a happy and successful life ahead!


According to Julie’s LinkedIn account, she claims to be a Homeownership expert with consultancy services for urban and suburban homes, creating houses with maximum space and top-notch quality, a claim that seems legit given her 20- year work experience in a real estate firm in suburban Milwaukee.

From 2009 to 2011 Julie held the position of, the chair of the Greater Milwaukee Association of retailers, and has also been the treasurer for this organization. She has also rated five stars best in client satisfaction in the Milwaukee Magazine in 2008 and again in 2011. She also holds numerous certificates.

Aside from her career as a real estate agent, Julie is an adorable lady, and at 48, is particularly keen as to how she appears in public. She is at times seen with her husband David Clark and is pretty keen about her dress. Her fashion sense is never too old and is always seen wearing the same white necklace on many occasions.


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