4 tips that will help you in your job search


Searching for a new job can become an exhausting thing to do. When you use different strategies for job search, you can increase your chances to find a job more quickly. In this article, we will talk about the importance of job-hunting methods and share several that you can use.

Use these tips to find a new job in any career field you want much faster:


1. Expand your professional network

Open yourself up to new career opportunities. You may find that when you have more connections, more people can actually recommend you to a new position or to a new company. Even using your professional network for career advice can help you become a more qualified candidate.


2. Online job posting websites

Now that most of the job postings are done online, it’s so much easier to find the type of job you’re looking for. You can use filters like keywords to search for your wanted job title. Likewise, many online job portals allow you to also upload your resume and cover letter on the job board.

obbaya.co.kr is one of the websites where a lot of companies post job opportunities online. Here on this website, you are able to sort the jobs by category or industry of work. Also, you can create an ad by yourself detailing what kind of job are you looking for and what are your qualifications. Search the website using the filters to sort the results or create an ad yourself, you will quickly find what you are looking for. Also, make online research using the keywords like 오빠야알바 or 제주룸알바 if you want to find all jobs that are available online.


3. Job fairs – both offline and online

Job fairs are really a great way to learn about many companies and job opportunities at once. Colleges, universities, companies or local non-profit organizations often organize this kind of job fair. Before attending a job fair, research the employers that will be there and prepare yourself so you can present to them your qualifications. Learn about what kind of candidates they are looking for and what job openings they have. Bring your printed resumes and any relevant certificates. Be prepared to have a so-called mini interview with every recruiter you speak with. Afterwards, you can follow up with them by email.


4. Work on your appearance and personality

Even though nowadays companies say appearances don’t matter so much, they actually do. The first few minutes of an interview are critical for creating the first impressions. Make sure that you’ve dressed appropriately for the type of job and company you’re applying to. Be polite, do not be late for the interview and present yourself with a professional demeanour.


Do not prepare strict answers, do not make fake smiles, and say what you think the interviewer wants to hear. HR managers and recruiters have spent so many interviews that really would know if you are pretending. Employers want to know who they’re hiring, and that’s the person they expect to do the job. If you present a different person that would be a job that won’t last long One way to show the employer what you’re like is to tell them real examples of work, any issues and how you handled them. When you’re asked questions, relay the specific skills and experience you have and how you handled the situations you’re asked about. The more factual information you provide, the more the hiring manager will know how qualified you are.


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