Siri Pinter Wiki-Bio, Age, Facts about Carson Daly’s wife 2022

Carson Daly is a name easily recognized for being one of the best host, Radio and TV personality but enough about Carson Daly. We have already covered his wiki-bio in a separate news story, and you can learn about him from anywhere else. Right now let’s talk about Siri Pinter or should we call her Siri Daly.

After all, she is the wife of Carson Daly. Learn about the career and net worth of Carson Daly’s wife, Siri right here. Do not also forget to learn about her amazing married life with Carson Daly and their family life with their lovely children. Learn about all this and so much more from her wiki presented below.

Who is Siri Daly? Get To Know Carson Daly’s wife.

Siri Daly is famous not just as the wife of Carson Daly but also for her prominent career as a food blogger. Her culinary and tasting skills qualify her not only as a blogger but also as an excellent cook and a great author of cookbooks. She recently put her writing skills to the ultimate test when she published her very first cookbook called ‘Siriously Delicious: 100 Nutritious (and Not So Nutritious) Simple Recipes for the Real Home Cook’ which she published earlier this year in January.

Image of Siri Printer with her husband Carson Daly

Siri Pinter with her husband Carson Daly

The book by Siri Pinter is filled with a variety of recipes whether it’s something deliciously simple like mouth-watering Bacon Pizzadillas, or something fancy to soothe your exotic tendencies like Spicy Grapefruit Cocktail. The book collects her influence as a mother of three children under ten years of age that she shares with husband, Carson Daly. Jimmy Kimmel who happens to be good friends with her husband has also gotten his hands on the book and shared a picture of him trying to make peanut butter granola with 4-year-old daughter Jane.

It may be the first cookbook for Carson Daly’s wife Siri Pinter, but her blog writing experience must have helped her a lot. You can also find very easy to make and creative food recipes and other things related to food. Siri Pinter has also appeared as the food contributor for NBC’s ‘Today’ show. So altogether she seems to have a successful career.

Siri Pinter’s Married life as Carson Daly’s wife, Kids?

Up until now, some people have only recognized Siri Pinter as Carson Daly’s wife, but we like to view them as a team like any normal married couple. Both of them are hard-working individuals in their respective fields. They are equally successful in their married life as well. They have been together for more than 13 years and had 3 children together.

Image of Siri Printer with her husband Carson Daly and their children

Siri Pinter with her husband Carson Daly and their children

They had all of their children before they got married and two of them before they got engaged. Siri gave birth to their first child, son, Jackson James Daly on 15th March 2009 and gave birth to their second child, daughter, Etta Jones Daily on 6th September 2012.

Carson Daly and  wife Siri Pinter got engaged in 2013 and soon also had their daughter London Rose Daly who is their third and final child on 20th August 2014. So, in a way, it is practical that they held their wedding after all their kids as they got to become a part of the magical moment and got to witness their parents getting married.

Siri Pinter Wiki-Bio, Age, Family

Siri Daly is an American food blogger and food contributor for the ‘Today’ show on NBC. Siri likes to explore creative but easy methods to make and supplement cooking through her blog which is called ‘Siriously Delicious.’ She also wrote her book called ‘Siriously Delicious: 100 Nutritious (and Not So Nutritious) Simple Recipes for the Real Home Cook.’

Her book also became a Post Washington Best Seller. She is also famous as Carson Daly’s wife. She is also the daughter of a famous soap opera actor Mark Pinter. He is known for many roles and has six children including Siri Daly. Her father is currently married to a communist and marketing strategist, Jenni Dahlman and they reside in San Diego together.

Siri Daly is currently 37 years of age, and she grew up in Minnesota, USA but moved to California after obtaining her college education from CheeseLand a.k.a. Wisconsin, USA. She then moved to the long island and ended up in New York in 2014. She is a self-taught cook who had six years of experience in writing and producing for television but left in to commit to a life of a full-time mother for her three kids.

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