Nick Kyrgios Net worth, Girlfriend, Age, parents, Siblings. 2022

Meet Nick Kyrgios, a professional Australian tennis player who became the first to make debutant to qualify for the Wimbledon quarter-finals since 2004. Find out more about Nick Kyrgios net worth, relationship status, wiki-bio and much more.

Being a great sportsman requires a lot of hard work, practice, and a little bit of skill and talent. To be the best in the game, you also need to have a little bit of love for the game.

Tennis is not as popular as soccer or football but is just as important. It’s considered an elite sport that requires constant practice and skill.

Nick Kyrgios Net worth 2018: $10 Million. His House and Cars.

Not many people seem to know about Nick’s rise to stardom. He single-handedly beat the all-time champion Rafael Nadal in 2014 during his debut set. This was a huge shock for many since the last time something of that sort occurred was back in 2004 with Florian Mayer

As a result, the tennis ball player now boasts a huge net worth. Nick Kyrgios Net Worth is currently valued at over $10 million with most of it amassed from his career as a sportsman. In fact, he earned $5,919,176 as prize money against Rafael and has gone on to earn much more.

Nick Kyrgios Net worth,

Caption:- Nick Kyrgios’s Net worth is $10 million.

His annual salary grosses at $4 million. Being a celebrity and inspiration to others, it’s undeniable that part of his income comes from brand endorsements and promotions using his name and face. Some of the endorsements include Yonex, Nike, and Beats.

So how does he spend this Net Worth? The player bought a state of the art home in Canberra Australia for $1 million. It’s where he parks his BMW, Mercedes Benz and Range rover worth $200,000.

Who is Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend? Or is he married to a wife?

The tennis bad boy is definitely the luckiest man out there. From luxury cars, million dollar home to stunning girlfriend Ajla Tomljanovic, he sure seems to have it all.

The duo is the pinnacle of couple goals since they party together, encourage each other and even train together in the gym.

Nick Kyrgios girlfriend Ajla Tomljanovic

Caption:- Nick Kyrgios with his girlfriend, Ajla Tomljanovic

However, not all that glitters is gold. They have had a difficult couple of months leading to a series of on and off of the relationship.

This was due to the bad boys’ habit of clubbing with other women in the streets of London. It looks like Kyrgios cleaned up his act and managed to win her back as seen through their Instagram uploads.

As far as anyone is concerned, the tennis player is not married nor are there any engagement plans.

Nick Kyrgios Family: His parents, siblings. Know everyone in details

Kyrgios enjoys two lines of heritage. His father Giorgos is Greek while his mother, Norlalia has her roots in Malaysia. His mother is a computer wizard as she studied computer engineering while his dad is more into the arts. Giorgos is a home painter.

Norlalia is of Royal blood but dropped her princess title when she moved to Australia in her early 20’s where she met the painter. Together they have three children, that makes 2 of them Nick Kyrgios’ Sibling: Christos, a lawyer, Halimah, their only daughter who is an actress.

Wiki-bio, age, height, birthday and other information

The talented Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios was born on April 27th, 1995 in Canberra, Australia. Hilmy Kyrgios is currently 23 years of age and 6 ft 4 inches tall. He enrolled in Radford College for eight years and moved to Daramalan College where he completed his education.

Nick Kyrgios was an avid basketball player during his teens but chose to switch to tennis at 14 years old. At the age of 16, Nick obtained a full scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport where he worked on his tennis skills to become the man he is today.

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