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Kate Anna Rusby is a remarkable songwriter and singer from Penistone, Barnsley. She is one of the best English folk singers and has made a headline on different British national folk festivals. In 2001, she was described by The Guardian as ” superstar of the British acoustic scene’ and as “The first lady of young folkies” by BBC in 2007. Kate had been introduced to a wondrous treasure of family sing – songs during her childhood by her parents, and this has proven to be a source of inspiration to her ever since. Kate Rusby became a favorite performer at country folk festivals as her music is a mixture of new and old ways.

Who Is Kate Rusby Married to? Who Is Her Husband?

Rusby is married and currently lives with her husband, Damien O’Kane. They were married on June 12, 2010. They are blessed with two daughters Daisy Delia, born on  September 15, 2009, and the second one, Phoebe Summer Rusby-O’Kane, born on  April 30, 2012.

Kate Rusby with her husband Damien O'Kane

Caption: Kate Rusby with her husband, Damien O’Kane

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In the past, Rusby married John McCusker, Scottish fiddler of the Battlefield Band and fellow band member in August 2001. He produced most of her recordings up to her folk song“ Girl Who Couldn’t Fly,” but they eventually divorced. After the divorce, she released her first album Awkward Annie in 2007 on her own with a little help from Joe, her brother. The album came out a huge success.

Kate Rusby with her husband John McCusker

Caption: Kate Rusby with her husband, John McCusker

Kate Rusby, wiki type Bio.

Kate Rusby was born on 4th December into a family of folk singers in 1973 in Barnsley-Yorkshire, England. She started playing the fiddle at the age of five. She studied at Barnsley College with a degree in Music, but never sure she wanted to make a career out of music.

Kate started and formed a band called Equation with her childhood friend, Kathryn Roberts. The singer has an emotional range that can touch and transport her fans within their imagination. Rusby released her first solo album “Hourglass” in 1998.

Her folk album became a major hit in England and the biggest selling album of the year. She mentioned in an interview for R2 magazine in 2015 that her parents, Ann and Steve played an integral role in her musical career and the passed on numerous songs and continue to do so. Early 1999 at age 26, she was among the Top Ten Folk Voices of the Century. Kate kept the family tradition alive and have already started passing a few folk songs to her girls, Daisy and Phoebe.


Kate has a record label called PURE that she runs with her beloved husband Damien O’Kane and beautiful family. Kate’s career continues to be in the limelight. She is a four-time winner of BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards notably, Folk Singer of the Year in 2000. Kate also won the Best live Act in 2006 and the recipient of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors’ Gold Badge Award in honor of her immense unique contribution to music.

Throughout her career, she has released a series of dazzling, critically acclaimed folk albums which are true to the Tradition. Kate has collaborated with famous artists beyond folk namely Blur’s Graham Coxon, Eddi Reader, Ronan Keating, Idlewild’sRoddyWoomble and Ella Edmondson. As Kate’s passion for music increases, she appreciates the direction it has given to her life in general.


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