Drew Scott and wife Linda Phan’s incredible love story. How they met.

Drew Scott is a real estate guru, and tv personality you’ll find on HGTV’s The Property Brothers. This is a show he hosts with his twin brother, Jonathan Scott.

The two of them help people renovate their homes within a reasonable budget. In addition to being successful on television and business, Drew is also a married man.

His wife, Linda Phan, is a reputable podcast producer who is also established in the industry. Here’s a look at their incredible love story, as we explore all relevant aspects of their relationship.

How did Drew Scott and Linda Phan meet?

 Image of Drew Scott with his wife, Linda Phan, on their wedding day

Drew Scott with his wife, Linda Phan, on their wedding day

Drew and Linda met more than a decade ago, in 2010 to be specific. At the time, they were both attending the Toronto Fashion Week.

When Drew first saw Linda, she was dressed in an interesting ensemble, which suggested that she was a member of the fashion police.

To complete the look, Linda even had a badge, and tickets, which she gave out to people who were not dressed fashionably.

Unsurprisingly, Drew decided to approach her, clearly enamored by her beauty and sense of humor. Linda revealed that she was backstage with her sister looking for some food when Drew walked up to her, asking for a bottle of water.

It was a simple strategy, but one that worked as the two exchanged contact details, making plans to go out eventually. Interestingly, it took a few months before they actually went on their first date.

In Drew’s own words, it was the longest date he had ever experienced!

They first went to an Asian restaurant, where they had a healthy supply of sushi, before going to a different place for hot chocolate.

Despite the fact that they were having a great time, Linda needed to cut their date short as she had a karaoke party to attend. Rather than cutting his losses, however, Drew decided to tag along.

It was a bold and aggressive move, but a move that paid of as soon as Drew picked up a microphone. He entertained Linda and her friends with a rendition of ‘I’m on a boat’, a song by Lonely Island.

With the initial jitters out of the way, Drew and Linda spent the entire night singing and having a great time.

A few years after they started dating, Drew invited Linda to be a part of Scott Brother’s Entertainment, which he owns with his brother. She took up a position as a creative director in the company.

By 2012, the couple had decided that they were ready to move in together. To that end, Linda relocated from her apartment to a Las Vegas Pad co-owned by the Scott brothers.

The Engagement

Drew and Linda dated for about six years before the former finally decided that it was time to take the next step. He took Linda to Toronto’s Piano Piano Restaurant, where he had set up an elaborate dinner.

Drew had the chef prepare a Dr. Seuss cake, a beautiful 1.2-carat engagement ring, and recorded audio of him singing ‘Marry me by Train’. Linda was completely overwhelmed by the heartfelt gesture and agreed to marry him. When interviewed about the proposal later,

Drew talked about the fact that he had never met a woman like Linda before. He revealed that this was the main reason why he wanted her to be his wife.

Long before they got engaged, the couple had talked about destination weddings, which was something they were both keen on.

A year after they got engaged, the two moved out of their shared Las Vegas flat, to a different property in Los Angeles.

The Wedding

The move was sparked by the fact that the couple were set to headline their own reality show, Drew’s Honeymoon House. By 2018, they were finally ready to exchange vows.

The wedding ceremony was held in an outdoor area of the Piazza del Borgoin back in May. This is a property that is located in Puglia, Italy.

In attendance were close to 300 guests, all of who had flown in from various parts of the world. The venue was stunning, with floral arrangements from legendary designer, Vincenzo Dascanio.

Drew and the rest of his grooms men were dressed in claymore kilts, which were made from the family’s signature pattern. Linda’s cathedral-length train gown was designed by Claire Pettibone.

Starting a family.

Image of Drew Scott with his wife, Linda Phan, and their kids

Drew Scott with his wife, Linda Phan, and their kids

In 2020, Drew and Linda finally decided that they were ready to start a family. One thing that they didn’t know, however, was that it would be a long and arduous journey.

The two first tried to conceive through natural means, but realized that this method would not work for them after a while.

At the time, they did not have the appropriate support network, which meant that the couple had no idea why they weren’t able to conceive.

Consequently, they enlisted the help of a fertility endocrinologist. Their doctor eventually diagnosed Linda with a thyroid condition. Moreover, she also had Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder that caused the thyroid issue in the first place.

This was why they were having trouble getting pregnant, even with the added assistance of IVF.  After several failed attempts, the couple started to lose any hope that they would have kids.

It was a depressing time in their lives, as both of them wanted children. With the loving support of their families, and an IVF community, the two decided to keep trying.

The next two years were hard, as they tried a wide range of options, including intrauterine insemination and additional IVF treatments.

They also read numerous books on the subject, which helped them determine the best conditions to conceive.

Finally, in 2021, Linda and Drew used the former’s podcast as a platform to announce that they were expecting! Their baby will be born sometime in May 2022.

Linda and Drew Scott welcomed a baby Boy Parker James in May 4th 2022.


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