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The renowned American Author and public Speaker David Wolfe is an exceptional man who generates his current net worth from his eating lifestyle. At the age of 18, avid stopped consuming dairy products and resorted to consuming other alternatives. By the time he was turning 24 he had resorted to completely consuming raw organic products. It was his liking in organic products that moved him into writing as well as public speaking on the benefits of consuming organic products.

Who is David Avocado Wolfe Really?

David Avocado Wolfe is commonly known to comedy loves for his cast in the film Madhouse(2004) and What Matters Most (2012). For the book lovers, he is famous for his various books on organic products such as Eating for Beauty and Naked Chocolate.

He is also common for his active participation in organic product forums and fairs as a product public speaker. To the entrepreneurs, he is also known as an entrepreneur owning a number of companies and holding a percentage of shares in other companies.

It’s clear to state that David Wolfe is an all round person who has ventured in various fields around his interest to grow others, his net worth and himself over time.

good foods for nervous system public speaker David Wolfe defines

Which Food are Good For Nervous System, David Wolfe Replies in Mr. Vitamins

Source: Mr. Vitamins

Is David Wolfe Married to a wife or Dating a Girlfriend?

Though not much is known about David Avocado wife, he is known to be married to one beautiful anonymous lady. Pictures of the couple have been circulating online and also there is an article written by David on 10 things he does to make his wife happy. His reputation with the ladies has earlier on been questioned with others terming him as a sleazebag with the ladies. Having not responded to the allegation we can neither confirm if it’s true or not.

David Avocado Wolfe Net Worth

Net Worth $3M

His journey to generating a great net worth for himself began in 1995 when he founded his first company with his childhood friend Stephen Arlin. The company “Natures first law” was just the beginning of the journey for the duo who worked together to raise the company’s worth and status. Natures first law was an organic product company which sold Organic food products and raw food out of a car truck.

He, later on, moved to being an author releasing his first book Eating for Beauty in 2002 and later on he moved on to acting where he was a cast member of the comedy Mad Mad house in 2004. He also co-founded the company Sacred chocolate with Steve Adler in 2006. His first company grew and was later renamed to ‘Sunfood nutrition’. David has ventured in various businesses which have all contributed greatly to growing his net worth value.

David Wolfe Wiki Bio.

NameDavid ‘Avocado’ Wolfe
BirthdayAugust 6, 1970
Native areaSan-Diego California
Marital Statusmarried
OccupationAuthor, Actor, product public speaker, entrepreneur.
Net worth$3 Million.


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