Tanmay Bakshi Salary, Net Worth, and Parents 2022

For a lot of us, our pre-teen years mainly involved school, friends, crushes, and to be honest, zero to few achievements worth writing home about. But it’s a whole other story for one Tanmay Bakshi. At the age of 12, Tanmay was already an IBM Watson & Cognitive developer and a keynote speaker making the headlines.

Astonishingly, he developed an interest in computers and programming when he was just 5 through watching his father, a computer programmer, programming. And by the time he was 8, Tanmay had learned iOS development and went on to launch his first iOS app, tTables, when he was 9.

Is 14-year-old Tanmay Bakshi the youngest Google employee?

There have been rumors circulating on the internet that Tanmay Bakshi is Google’s youngest employee. However, on 10th March this year, Tanmay took to his Facebook page to clarify on the matter saying that although he thought highly of Google and the work they do, the reports of him being hired by them were false.

Tanmay Bakshi

He continued to say that he collaborates with many good companies on open-source initiatives and would hate to see the rumors disrupt such arrangements. Moreover, Tanmay suggested his LinkedIn profile as a reference to his list of actual accomplishments. These include his achievements as a keynote and TED speaker, author, Watson & Cognitive developer, YouTuber, media personality et cetera.

Tanmay Bakshi Salary and Net Worth

Although Tanmay uses IBM Watson capabilities in his applications, he does not work for IBM which as he explained to SPOTLIGHT was a huge misconception. Tanmay does therefore not receive a salary from IBM to the best of our knowledge. He, however, makes some income from the several apps he has created using Watson including the tTables, tTables PLUS, tID Vault, tGuess, and I Can, We Can!.

Moreover, Tanmay has also worked and continues to work on open-source projects like AskTanmay, the world’s first IBM Watson-powered web-based Natural Language Question Answering (NLQA) system. But since they are open-source projects, it’s hard to determine what and how he earns, if anything.

Tanmay has also authored Hello Swift!: iOS app programming for kids and other beginners, whose paperback edition costs $25.36 on Amazon. Information about this book’s sales is not available to the public. While we cannot tell you his net worth and salary, it won’t be a surprise to hear in a few years Tanmay, who’s currently working on The Cognitive Story, has a net worth of millions.

Tanmay Bakshi Parents

Tanmay Bakshi with his parents

Tanmay’s parents are Puneet and Sumita Bakshi. His father, Puneet, is a computer programmer who moved to Canada from India in 2004, with his wife and two kids, Tanvi and Tanmay Bakshi. Due to Tanmay’s frequent travel around the world as a keynote speaker and his passion for programming, his parents and sister homeschool him.

Tanmay’s Wiki Bio, Age and Birthday

Tanmay who is currently 14 years old was born in India in 2003 just a year before his family moved to Canada. Tanmay hasn’t shared his birth date on his social media accounts or in any interviews.

His passion for computers began when he was five and has seen him receive several awards and honors including Doer Award in 2017, Manitoba Honour Welcome in 2016, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor in 2016 et cetera.

Other than his love for computers, Tanmay loves traveling, playing table tennis and cricket, making new friends, teaching, going for long runs, and biking.

Tanmay inspires to reach and help 100,000 aspiring coders and is passionate about using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help people with special needs and disabilities. He is also working on another book. All the best Tanmay Bakshi!


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