Julie Chen Plastic Surgery: Before and After, Nose Job, Eye Surgery

Julie Suzanne Chen is a journalist, presenter, television producer, TV personality for CBS. She is also an actor. Till date, her career has been as perfect as her personal life. The famous celebrity has undergone plastic surgery and we are about to find out what drove her to such a decision.

Did she have plastic surgery? Why?

Julie Chen revealed that racism in the workplace led her to undergo plastic surgery.  She disclosed her secret on “The Talk” where it was her turn to talk about her life’s most kept secret. The glamorous television host admitted that when she was a young reporter working on Dayton, Ohio she underwent cosmetic surgery. Her agent and news director told Julie that she could never make it to the top anchor if she didn’t alter her appearance. That was her dream to be a top anchor, she was a young woman who had dreams and now her appearance was hindering her success to be an anchor.

Eye surgery.

Chen confessed that the agent and news director told her that her Asian eyes often made her look “disinterested and bored”.  Back then her eyes looked smaller and very heavy.

The director specifically told her that she would never make it as an anchor because she looked more like a Chinese and wouldn’t relate to the audience because of her looks. The criticism was so deep that Julie made up her mind to do a blepharoplasty also known as double-eyelid surgery. The operation was performed on Julie when she was aged 25 years but never spoke about it until in her early 40s.

Rhinoplasty (Nose job).

Julie Chen confessed to having done an eye surgery but denied undergoing Rhinoplasty. Comparing her looks now, it is clear that she performed the Rhinoplasty. Chen appears more chiselled with a narrower nose superficially. Many people believe that she procured the nose job so as to change some features that she considered to be out of place. Her nose tip is refined and the narrow bridge attributes a link to a rhinoplasty.

Other parts surgery.

The fineness of Julie’s facial appearance has attracted the attention and views of many people. She has been in the limelight and many also accuse her of performing a facelift to give her the perfect look she has now. She has denied claims of having her face structured saying the use of makeup that makes her face look different. Julie Chen is rumoured to have a botox surgery to help remove wrinkles which have appeared on her face due to old age.

Before and after surgery: how does she look?

Julie Chen's before after image of eye, nose and plastic surgery

Caption: Julie Chen before after plastic surgery

Looking at Julie Chen’s pictures before doing the surgery, she was still looking beautiful. However, her relatives and fans expressed their disappointment claiming that she has abandoned her Asian norms and adapted the white norms. She, however, dismissed the claims saying she is a proud Chinese.

Furthermore, she admitted to having no regrets. Well, comparing her looks then and now, Julie Chen looks stunning and maybe her surgery brought out the best in her.

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