Health Benefits of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a body-focused, intimate massage that involves stimulating and relaxing the whole body, including your private parts. The objective is to boost your sexual energy, deepen your closeness with your partner, and expand your awareness of sexual pleasure and who you are as a whole being.

What exactly is a tantric massage?

Tantric massage is the ultimate self-improvement tool. The ancient yogis of India are said to have discovered a secret tantric massage that was taught to them by the great God Shiva himself. This practice for attaining blissful purity is “on purpose” and doesn’t include touching your private parts or rubbing against your partner’s body. Tantric massage helps you expand your awareness of yourself as a whole being, with all your intimate parts.

Tantric massage, unlike most other massage treatments, adds spiritual components such as awareness, eye contact, and breathing exercises.

It stimulates your erogenous zones and genitals, but the purpose is not to induce orgasm. Although orgasm is possible during the massage, the emphasis is on providing and receiving pleasure from your partner.

The Advantages of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage has various advantages for your health and sexual life. Here are a few examples:

Helps you break out of sex routines: If couples are feeling sexually stagnant, they should absolutely try tantric massage and tantric sex. You may find new techniques to delight yourself and your partner if you concentrate on what feels wonderful rather than merely attaining an orgasm.

Can assist you in connecting with your partner: Making time to concentrate on each other might help you feel more connected to your mate. It has everything we desire in a sexual encounter: connection, relaxation, excitement, and novelty.

Improves sexual attentiveness: This is due to the fact that tantric massage encourages you to pay conscious attention to your bodily sensations, emotions, and sexual pleasure while receiving the massage. According to research, being more sexually attentive is associated with increased happiness with your relationship and sex life.

Improves physical and mental health: In 2020, a small research looked into the advantages of partner massage, which uses some of the same methods as tantric massage but does not entail genital contact. The research discovered that when couples offered each other 15-minute massages, both the giver and the receiver experienced less stress and improved mental clarity.

Pregnant women in another small trial from 2020 had 20-minute massages from their spouses once a week for roughly 10 weeks. When compared to their initial levels, the ladies had much-reduced levels of sadness and anxiety symptoms at the conclusion of the research.

Tantric massage may provide some of the same health advantages as conventional massage therapies, such as improved circulation, decreased blood pressure, and increased immunological function.
Key Benefits of Tantric massage:

1. Treatment of common male and female sexual dysfunctions
2. Relief from clogged (or trapped) emotions
3. Contentment and pleasure cultivation
4. The beginning of a spiritual awakening and realization
5. Increased orgasmic and pleasurable potential
6. Mind cleansing
7. Stress reduction and relaxation promotion

Tantric massage fundamentals

Tantric massage, also called Tantra massage, is a healing modality that uses the power of touch to connect with body and mind. Through hands-on healing techniques, tantra modalities and self-awareness practices, this ancient system of healing has been adapted to work at the deepest core of emotional pain and transform the suffering mind into happiness. This kind of massage attempts to eliminate barriers that contemporary people experience, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or even psychosomatic in nature.

Final Words

Tantric massage is a technique that you and your partner may conduct together to help you connect, enhance awareness, and explore your sexual pleasure.

It offers several advantages for both your physical and mental health, and it may improve your sexual life.

Tantric massage is most effective when you speak with your partner, take it gently, and concentrate on your experience rather than reaching an orgasm.

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