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Aam Papad Recipe in Hindi

Elements for Mango papad

Mangoes – 2 huge(500 grams)
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Eaichi(cardamom) – 2 (peel)

make Mango(Aam) Papad

Wash, peel and reduce mangoes into items.
Make a effective paste of the mango items combined with sugar and Elaichi.

Put the combination of mangoes and sugar in a utensil then place it on the fuel to boil.
After it involves boil, prepare dinner for 7-8 minutes whilst you stir constantly.

Grease a plate or tray with Ghee, pour the cooked mango combine within the plate and unfold it out thinly.
Now preserve this plate out within the solar to dry. If the solar’s warmth is powerful then the Mango Papad will probably be dried and prepared by night.

Else you possibly can preserve the plate in your room or the kitchen, you possibly can cowl the Mango Papad with a skinny material or internet.
This Mango Papad additionally dries within the wind, so will probably be dried by morning because it couldn’t get sufficient solar.

Minimize out the dried Mango Papad with a knife from the edges of the plate. It is going to come out as a complete piece.
If the Mango Papad is moist then it can follow the plate in these areas, on this occurs then preserve the Mango Papad to dry.

As soon as the Mango Papad has dried fully take it out with a knife and overturn the plate as you maintain it along with your fingers.
You may reduce this Mango Papad in accordance with your required sizes and styles.

These items of Minimize Mango Papad may be positioned one over the opposite or you possibly can kind a layer with all of the items positioned collectively.

It’s also possible to make Spicy Mango(Aam) Papad, for this it’s a must to advert 1/2 spoon black salt and virtually 6 crushed black peppers to the combination when its boiling and turns thick.

Then comply with the above directions to complete the preparation.

You may retailer and eat Mango Papad for 1-2 months if saved within the fridge.

Supply/Credit score: nishamadhulika

aam papad recipe in hindi

Aam Papad Recipe in Hindi


6 cup mango (chopped)
6 tbsp sugar
0.75 tsp cardamom powder
1.5 tsp ghee / clarified butter


firstly, within the blender take 2 cup mango and a pair of tbsp sugar.
mix to clean paste with out including any water.

switch the mango puree to the kadai and start to prepare dinner.
stir constantly and prepare dinner on medium flame till it thickens effectively.

now add ¼ tsp cardamom powder and blend effectively.
additional, brush ½ tsp ghee on a metal plate.

switch the puree onto the plate and unfold uniformly.
sundry for two days or every week, till it turns translucent.

scrape the edges utilizing the knife.
peel gently with out damaging the aam papad.

lastly, reduce into the specified form and roll aam papad.

Supply/Credit score: hebbarskitchen

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