9 Essential Online Cricket Tips to Win Cash Prizes


Many people nowadays are engaged in live match prediction games, especially in cricket. Different cricket tournaments are being played all around the year and plenty of matches are there too. So cricket lovers can easily participate in many live match prediction pools. But, is this life prediction safe? Well to answer this question perfectly, we must include the fact that there are a lot of risks associated with match prediction during live cricket matches. For example, the site you choose may not be a great one to go with. Your money could be forfeited sometimes, sometimes you lose money too with wrong predictions. So it is important that you get some tips before going with any prediction game.

Let’s discuss 9 important cricket tips to win a jackpot or cash prize.


Research Work is a Must

We will always advise you to do your homework first before going with any cricket match predictions. There will be many match-prediction sites that will provide some last moment cricket tips for free. This information is not the only key to hitting the jackpot.
Instead, you should do your research work on teams, playing eleven cricketers, their past performances of cricketers, match scores, most winning teams, etc. Write down this information on a piece of paper and before doing any prediction game, just analyze these facts and figures once. All of this information is going to give you a more clear view of participating in any cricket score-predicting game.

Do the Team Analyzation

As we mentioned above, research work is important. Especially if you are going to predict a specific match, it is important to do the team analysis by yourself. You need to understand who are the playing eleven from both the teams. Next, take a look at the past performances of each team member and learn their rankings as a player. If these two teams had played against each other in the past, then you must analyze those past matches to understand the performance capacity of the players. Also, look for the winning and losing teams and the number of winning for each team against each other, etc. After analyzing all these facts and figures you are now ready to go with the prediction game.

Must Consider the Weather

Weather is also another important aspect to check before participating in the cricket prediction. Cricket is an international outdoor game and weather has its own impact on it. Rain, fog, etc. can even stop or shorten any game. If the weather is too humid, this can also affect bowling skills, pitch conditions, etc. So, it is important to check the weather for every match, national or international. Especially in India, there could be extreme weather conditions and free IPL match tips on weather forecasting may help you to make fruitful decisions.

Prediction Strategy Making

There should always be a well-understandable match and score prediction strategy while you do online cricket score prediction. In the cricket prediction world, a lot of strategies are there to start with. For example ladder strategy, parlay prediction strategy, double chance prediction, Kelly formula, 1-3-2-6 system, etc. You need to understand these strategies and then pick one suitable option for you during participation. Newbies should always go with small amounts and easy prediction strategies with maximum winning.

Try Live Predictions

Participating in live match predictions is easier than other kinds of a cricket match and score predictions. In recent days T20 matches especially IPL matches are witnessing more participants doing live match predictions. The reason behind this is first IPL has a strong fan base, and T20 matches are more exciting fast-moving games, You can also get expert free tips on IPL from trustworthy prediction sites. So, making a good prediction after some minutes of the match is quite easy.

Choose a Trustworthy Prediction Site

It is important to go with the most popular and trusted score prediction website when you are going with cricket match predictions, team predictions, or score predictions. This kind of game involves monetary risk as you have to engage in some balance while playing prediction games. If the website is not a trusted one, your money will get forfeited. Thats why always go for a strong and honest network providing prediction platforms for a long.

Always Keep Track of Your Bank Roll

When you are participating in live match predictions or any other cricket prediction games, you are risking your money too. So, it is important that you always have a clearer vision of what amount you can play for and when you should stop. Excessive addiction to prediction games may make you bankrupt. Therefore our tip is you must go for small challenges risking a small amount of money. Also, don’t directly link your primary bank account with the wallet of the prediction website. This will help you to avoid challenging too much money on games.

Don’t Rely on Instinct

Most of us prefer our instinct when participating in challenge games. But this is not the right thing to do. We have already discussed how you should do match analysis, weather forecasting, and track previous match records to make your challenges more successful. Also, when you do your predictions you will receive free online cricket tips before every match and even before doing predictions. All of this accumulated information will help you to make the right decision.

Play Patiently

The last tip on our list is the patience part during participation in Live challenges. Patience is the key to success in every field. This cricket prediction sector is also no different. Here also you must play patiently. Don’t take any rash decisions while money is involved. Observe the match flow and do strategic moves only. Also, always do your homework on previous match analysis as discussed earlier. These are the key to your success. All of the above tips are important. While you are participating in cricket online match predictions, you cannot just do whatever you like as money loss is involved in your every move. By following all the above-mentioned guidelines seriously, you can surely win the jackpot prize one day. Also, online prediction on cricket games is a risky task to get involved with. Play at your own risk as if once you lose your money, it won’t come back, and you are the person responsible.

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